Drop Magazine


Drop magazine, is the result of the passion for surf and photography.
It’s the dedication of two brothers who love nature, waves, the community from our beautiful lakes.
Drop magazine is here to help spread the love and stoke of our community for surf and nature.

We grew up in Portugal, so the beach, waves, nature and photography where part of our daily lives. Moving to Toronto and start surfing the lakes, we quickly realized that something was missing. Something that could connect the community. Something that our community could see their pictures surfing the waves in the lake, something that could show what cool things are being made and created in our community. A place where every body can find something that can be useful for them in their surf sessions, like information about wave forecast, what kinda of events are happening for the surf community, interviews with local surfers and much more.
A magazine that would spread the stoke and the unsalted life style.
Hope that everyone enjoys the magazine and thank you very much to all, brothers and sisters.
Thank you for keeping pushing so awesome things like Drop magazine can happen. Hope to see all of you in the water getting pitted and enjoying our beautiful lakes.