I was in charge of rebuilding the website. I have created many Gutenberg blocks for this site:

  • Built custom posts loops.
  • Used AJAX to show posts dynamically.
  • Made a Details/Summary block.
  • Made an interactive GoogleMap (disabled)

I was in charge of renewing the theme for the magazine of our client ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

  • Used React to create a Gutenberg Block that make a slider from the posts.
  • Created another GutenbergBlock to show the different issues in a details/summary element
  • Added attributes to my form shortcode to display different forms.
  • Used WPML to manage multiple languages.

I developed the company website, using the custom theme I built. I was asked to create a slider for the logos of some of the companies we worked for. I made a Gutenberg block with parameters that impact the behaviour, to use in future projects.

  • Used React to create a Gutenberg Block based on the Block Gallery, that gets animated and have controls on how to move.
  • Created a Captcha method using JavaScript.
  • Created a BASH script that test our websites and alert us when an error is found.

Here is a list of other websites I developed:

I was in charge of the implementation in WordPress of the Jobs API created for MGR. The posts can be filtered using location or other parameters.

  • Build a Plugin to realize CRUD operations on a CPT (Custom Post Type), by reading an API.
  • Implemented Schema Markups in the CPT.
  • Using WP-Cron to update CPT from the API.
  • Dynamic web page form with AJAX.

I was asked to build a custom theme. I choose to develop a reusable theme for the future projects. Since I have been able to build a custom 1 page website in one day.

  • Creation of a Reusable Theme, and customization using child theme.
  • Multi lang website using WPML plugin
  • Development of Gutenberg Blocks to show a list of posts, and some specific details

This is a concept I thought about for many years. It is a to-do-list / encyclopedia / social media for skateboarding tricks. This was a great experiment where I have coded everything from scratch with PHP and MySQL. I have faced many issues in terms of SQL queries, security, and database architecture.

You can connect by using “test” as username and password.

  • “to do list” for skateboarding tricks, for each tricks you can select the position (4), the rotation (2), some notes, a link to a video, …
  • All features are hand coded
  • Implemented many functionalities, connect with friends, list of tricks for warming up, …

One of my first projects ready for e-commerce. Also one where I’m the most happy with the design.

  • WordPress responsive design and development.
  • Using Storefront as a parent theme to make the website fully ready for e-commerce
  • This website is presenting a physical place and the activities happening there.
  • Other tasks: Google Business Page, Google Analytics, Facebook Page, Facebook Ads